Monday, January 26, 2009

FreeBSD/mips: what's cooking

In last two months I've got two new toys: WGT634U from bms@ and Ubiquity Networks' Router Station 2 provided by manufacturer. The first one is Broadcom's Sentry5 based and the second one is built on Atheros' AR7100 chip. As AR7100 is more advanced technology (and has less obscure design, at least it seams less obscure to me) I decided to pick up this low hanging fruit. So far so good: kernel boots, PCI bridge detects Atheros miniPCI wireless card. GigE driver is on its way.


lunchboxrts said...

Any update on the router station running freebsd? Do you have any examples/how to's on compiling freebsd for the routerstation?

Oleksandr Tymoshenko said...

Not yet. PCI support is semi-ready and driver for built-in ethernet seems to cause some memory corruption. When I have these two ready I'll update page on

Desra said...

What stage are you at with the wgt634u ? i note bms had it booting but don't know how to make a suitable cfe image etc.